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Department: Treatment Plant
Hours of work: Monday-Friday 3:00pm-11:30pm

General Summary: Work under routine supervision and use minor discretion in resolving problems; assist with operating and maintaining treatment facility.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Operate and maintain digestion, dewatering and drying equipment. Observe and make adjustments to maximize production and optimize runtime, efficiently use required chemicals; correct routine malfunctions.

2. Coordinate with Operation Chief the volume of sludge to be wasted; notify Operations Chief of situations that could prevent wasting requirements from being met.

3. Load and unload biosolids from transport truck or dumpster; stack and rotate biosolids on pad; transport and dispose of biosolids and grit/screenings as needed.

4. Visually inspect all process equipment; check and verify proper operation of all monitoring, sampling and testing equipment; calibrate all sensors and monitoring equipment to assure proper operation.

5. Monitor and respond when visual observation or SCADA system alerts to problem; take appropriate steps to correct.

6. Perform equipment maintenance duties; pump out and hose down pits and tanks; unclog lines and drains; clean augers and conveyors.

7. Perform periodic sampling and testing as required for NPDES permit discharge limitations or for maintaining proper operational parameters.

8. Keep records of plant process; record measurements, readings and maintenance problems; communicate status of operation to oncoming shift. Assist with drafting Standard Operating Procedures. Close work orders in CMMS.

9. Assist with public tours of the treatment facility.

·Basic knowledge of wastewater treatment plant operating standards and equipment.

· Availability to respond to emergencies on a 24-hour basis


· Any combination of education and experience that indicates possession of the skills, knowledge and abilities listed above. An example of acceptable qualifications for this position is a high school diploma or the equivalent and previous work related experience and specialized coursework. Possession of the experience cited in this guideline does not guarantee successful performance nor will it be used as the sole basis of hiring or promotion.

Required Licenses/Certifications:

· At time of hire, valid PA Driver’s License, Class C and ability to meet and maintain eligibility for inclusion under LASA’s vehicle insurance policy.

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