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Ian Moore – Spring 2024 Trainer Spotlight

Ian Moore is employed by Exeter Supply. He is a 2014 graduate of Albright College. Like so many, his father brought him into the industry and introduced him to the different aspects of providing clean water. Ian is thankful for the opportunity to work with amazing industry professionals who work so hard to keep our systems working and is thankful for the opportunity to educate and interact with so many people. As much as Ian loves the industry, he is frustrated and believes that while there is funding available, it is challenging for smaller municipalities to acquire sufficient funds for capital improvement projects as well as reinvesting in aging assets.

Ian has always had a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge. Even in school, he admired his teachers, especially their ability to share information and experiences. He liked it when a teacher engaged and excited the room to learn something new and strives to do the same as a trainer. Today, Ian’s favorite training topic is water meters. Most importantly, he likes to convey his knowledge of how meter technology has changed over the years. He hopes to help systems understand the value of meters because accurate meters help utilities collect money for their services so they can invest in other assets and continue operations.

Ian’s favorite training experience occurred during a leak detection training at a municipality. While he was going over the principles and theory of leak detection, one of the operators was exercising a valve for the field portion of the program. Unbeknownst to Ian, the valve broke and caused a leak. But slowly the classroom of operators walked out of the room quietly leaving Ian by myself. Thankfully, one of the operators came back and informed Ian what happened and rescheduled the training, but he will never forget the wild experience of having everyone in the room walk out while he was conducting training!

A bit of advice Ian would give anyone entering the water industry is to not be afraid to ask questions. He believes there is a steep learning curve in this field, and knows it is impossible for anyone to retain everything they learn in the first few months. He has found that people in this industry take a lot of pride in what they do and are more than willing to share their knowledge. There is no way new staff will know everything right off the top of their head so instead they just need to know who to ask and ask.

Ian’s contact information is: Phone- 443-605-9370, Email- [email protected]

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